Do the Benghazi families have absolute moral authority?

A commenter on my recent piece regarding Hillary Clinton’s calling the Benghazi families liars raised a very valid point when he asked whether or not the mothers of the fallen warriors at Benghazi had the same absolute moral authority the media bestowed on Cindy Sheehan. Remember that woman’s fifteen minutes of fame a decade ago?  Shrieking Cindy Sheehan, the Gold Star mother, whom I accused at the time of using her fallen soldier son’s coffin as a podium from which she attacked George W. Bush and his administration, was the darling of the mainstream media.  Cindy was a California housewife whose son, Casey, was killed in combat in Iraq in 2004.  His death drove his distraught mother into such a state that she left behind and eventually divorced her husband of almost three decades to take to the barricades of peace activism.  The leftist antiwar movement quickly elevated her to celebrity spokesperson status because her son’s death,...(Read Full Post)