An Iron Dome against the cultural boycott of Israel

Prior to an Israeli Knesset conference this month concerning the delegitimization of Israel, M.K. Michael Oren called for a "legal and hasbara Iron dome." The way to counter the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) effort against Israel, opined the MK in a Jerusalem Post report, is "to go on the offensive, and bring the battle to BDS."  The key, according to Oren, is "explaining the other guy [BDS]: Where they're getting funding, their means of operation, their goals." Mr. Oren's words should be heeded.  To allow BDS proponents to frame the argument is to surrender the debate. It is time to lift the veil on the objectives, strategy, and methods of the cultural boycott effort against Israel and point the finger of shame where it belongs – at those who seek to hold art hostage to politics. Proponents of the cultural boycott want to prevent international audiences from experiencing Israeli art and want to cut the flow...(Read Full Post)