Tashfeen Malik's 'fiance visa': Good job, DHS

"Immigration officials said the K-1 ['fiancé visa'] review was more extensive than the vetting of a foreigner who planned to only visit."

"More extensive."  That's curious, because I have an in-law who is an Indian national (Hindu, not Muslim).  His company, a consultancy, assigns him to work in the U.S. for six months to a year at a time.  His wife and little boy have been repeatedly denied a visa to visit him here.  Why?  Because her profile shows high likelihood of overstaying her visa and remaining in the U.S.  Profiling!  Eek!

Yet Ms. Malik sailed right through the "more extensive" checks.  "'There was nothing she presented that would have been flagged,' a federal official said."

Now a picture has surfaced of Ms. Malik posing with Molana Aziz, a cleric at Islamabad's Red Mosque.

Who is Molana Aziz?  In 2007, when the government besieged the Red Mosque, where Aziz holds forth, killing 100 students and wounding many others, he attempted to escape disguised in a burqa.  The court system later exonerated him.

Just last year, December 2014, Aziz endorsed ISIS and named a library after Osama bin Laden (to be fair, ISIS was just the JV team then).  And since Ms. Malik "forgot" to mention her association with Aziz, it's no harm, no foul for DHS.  There's government accountability.

Henry Percy is the nom de guerre for a technical writer living in Arizona. He may be reached at saler.50d[at]gmail.com.