My money is on Christie rising in New Hampshire

Before I get comments from my friends who support Senator Rubio and Senator Cruz, let me say that this is not an endorsement of Governor Christie.  I am simply saying that the stars are aligning for Governor Christie to make his presence felt.

My prediction is that Governor Christie will be alive and rather well after New Hampshire.  

I agree with James Pindell that Christie had a good week, from the Union Leader endorsement and a new poll that shows him doing better. 

There is more than the endorsement and one poll.  He brings to the table the kind of résumé that may work in 2016.  He is a governor of a big state.  He was a prosecutor who put criminals in jail.  He is blunt and direct without Trump's baggage.

More than anything, he may be the kind of president we need.

Former Secretary Gates wrote an outstanding post about what the next president must look like:

We need a president who understands the system of government bequeathed to us by the Founders — and grasps the reality that with power divided among three branches of government, building coalitions and making compromises are the only ways anything lasting can get done.

Our next leader needs to speak truthfully to the American people. 

The next president must be resolute.

Our new leader must be a problem-solver. 

We need a president who is restrained.

The new president must be a true unifier of Americans.

To be fair, I see a lot of candidates with these attributes.  Rubio is the best communicator of conservative ideas since Reagan.  Cruz can debate anyone any time.  Bush and Kasich are proven executives.  Trump is resolute.  Carson may be the kind of man who unifies Americans.  All of them understand that the president must work with Congress to get anything done.

I also see a lot of Christie on that list.  My only concern is that his personality may be a bit rough for some people.  At the same time, voters may not be looking for a nice guy or pretty face to kill terrorists or make the kind of budget choices we need today.

In 2008, Obama was the most anti-Bush of the group.  In 2016, Christie may be the most anti-Obama of the bunch.

Again, not an endorsement, but Christie is very much in this game.

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