Sick of faux Republican McCain? Dr. Kelli Ward is real!

Conservative Republican Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward seeks to liberate Arizonans and America from entrenched faux Republican Sen. John McCain.  If you're like me, your heart cries out for GOP candidates who are who they say they are: morally straight people who will do what they say they will do when elected.  That's the bottom line, folks.  People (candidates) make all kind of promises when they want something from you (your vote).  GOP voters hunger for conservative candidates who are real. Dr. Kelli Ward is a cool, refreshing drink of water in the desert, a ray of sunshine – a source of hope for the future.  We live in a time in which politicians in both parties begin each day calculating, "How can I fool them today?"  With Dr. Ward, what you see is what you get.  In other words, Dr. Ward is real: a real saver of lives in her role as a medical doctor, a real wife and mother of three, a real freedom-loving patriot, and...(Read Full Post)