Progressives desperately trying to hide 'Ferguson effect' rise in crime

The rise in crime attributable to the anti-police #BlackLivesMatter movement sponsored by George Soros money could be the sleeper issue of the 2016 election.  Dubbed the “Ferguson effect” over the outrage ginned up by the death of a criminal who was falsely said to have had his hands up when he was shot by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer who, in fact, was facing a life-threatening situation as the thug attempted to grab is firearm, the rise in crime has been substantial and widespread. This has progressives very worried, and they are pulling out all the stops, harnessing the organs of elite opinion in an effort to deny that the Ferguson effect is genuine.  Fortunately, Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute is America’s great truth-teller on crime, a fearless and brilliant scholar of the issue.  She writes in the Wall Street Journal: Murders and shootings have spiked in many American cities—and so have efforts to ignore or deny...(Read Full Post)