Medicare now paying to remove unwanted penises

What do you do if you're a poor man, and you want to remove your penis?  You're barely making ends meet.  You can't pay your rent, electricity, and food bill and still have enough money to get your penis removed.  That's why the Obama administration is doing the right thing and having taxpayer-funded Medicare paying for penis extractions. The New York Times had a touching story about a gay AIDS-infected man with a number of names – Jerome, Meeka, Kricket, and even "Thunderpussy" (whom I will henceforth call "Mr. TP") – who desperately needed his penis removed in order convince himself that he is a woman. Medicare lifted its ban on gender reassignment surgery last year. The federal government ordered its insurance carriers to cover transition-related care for its employees. And nine state Medicaid programs have dropped their exclusions for transgender health care, with New York doing so this past March. Seizing...(Read Full Post)