Despite superior achievement, Asian students being held back

This is a disturbing article in the New York Post that chronicles the story of achievement by Asian-American students – and the policies adopted by school districts across the couintry to limit their advancement. The reason for the success of Asian-American kids is the total committment and encouragement by their parents to their education.  But other parents believe that their kids are at a disadvantage because they don't take the time or make the same effort as Asian parents.  So school districts are now taking a "holistic" approach that keeps Asian kids down. Here in New York City, Asian-Americans make up 13 percent of students, yet they win more than half of the coveted places each year at the city’s selective public high schools, such as Bronx Science and Stuyvesant. What’s at play here? It’s not a difference in IQ; it’s parenting. That’s confirmed by a recent study by sociologists from City University of...(Read Full Post)