Can President Obama let go of his GITMO fantasies?

Maybe there are some college professors and/or Bernie Sanders supporters who want to close GITMO, but most Americans do not. A Rasmussen poll from 2015 makes it clear that Americans are OK with keeping the facility open: 53%!  That was a poll taken a year ago, or before Paris and San Bernardino.  Or word that a man released is now back on the war front. My guess is that most Americans understand that you detain prisoners in a time of war, as we did in previous conflicts.  Also, Congress has made it clear that GITMO is their preferred location for these terrorists. This week, President Obama was back singing the same old song, to paraphrase The Four Tops.  He continues to say that GITMO is a recruiting tool for our enemies: "Guantanamo has been an enormous recruitment tool for organizations like ISIL," Obama said during an appearance at an economic conference in the Philippines, using another name for...(Read Full Post)