Are the refugees really that poor?

News Item: “On Saturday, Nov. 14, three Syrian men were stopped in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten after arriving on a flight from Haiti. Using fake Greek passports, they had already flown from Europe to Brazil, then to the Dominican Republic, then Haiti.”

Okay, how in the world did three poor refugees fleeing with just the clothes on their back manage to scrounge up the dough to fly from Europe to Brazil, then to the DR and finally to Haiti?  That has to come to several thousand bucks each!  I flew round-trip from Atlanta to London this past summer on business, and my round-trip coach ticket was over $1,500 – and that was purchased via my company travel agency, which gets a slightly discounted fare.

Wanna bet these guys were in business or even first class? 

Also, how did they pay for those tickets – cash?  That is usually a red flag, when a young (mid-30s) male traveling alone buys a one-way ticket for cash, no matter who you are – had it happen to a friend who was trying to get somewhere last-minute on a credit card at the ticket counter, and he is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, middle-age male with DoD clearances up to Top Secret and not on anyone’s terror watch list.  He very nearly got strip-searched with a full body cavity check as he went through security!

Next question: How did their fake passports get approved each time they arrived in another country, or were there accomplices along the way who were greasing the skids for them at each destination?  And who paid to do whatever greasing of whatever skids was required?

By the way, do they get frequent flyer miles they can use when they go to blow up/hijack an airliner?

Colonel Dale ‘Boots’ Hill is a retired Air Force fighter pilot and a never to retire patriot.  His motto is Audaces Fortuna Juvat!  (Fortune favors the bold!)