Guess which candidate had 101 New Hampshire events but still has zero supporters

Can you guess which candidate for president had 101 events in New Hampshires but is currently zero percent in the polls there, making it very possible he doesn't have a single supporter? If you guessed former Governor Jim Gilmore of'd be wrong!  Gilmore is at zero percent in the polls but has had only 42 events in New Hampshire. No, the correct answer is George Pataki.  Doesn't this guy know when to quit?  I think after 50 events and still being at zero in the polls, he'd take a hint, don't you? But other candidates aren't doing much better.  Rick Santorum has zero percent support, but he's done only 17 events in New Hampshire.  That's the first rational thing I can say about his behavior during this campaign, that he's not wasting time in New Hampshire. Rand Paul has held 84 events but is only 3.5% in the polls.  Not much return there. Carly Fiorina has held a whopping 119 events but is...(Read Full Post)