Take Your Kids to See Bridge of Spies

All of those young people who think a vote for Hillary or Bernie will bring about a better America, need a corrective jolt of  history.  They need to see Bridge of Spies.  Bernie Sanders touts his Democratic Socialism in every speech.  Clinton tries to win over his supporters by promising to move to Bernie's left; she wants everyone's guns as well.   For a good look at what terrors Democratic Socialism can wreak, those young un-informed, ill-educated  idealists need to see the new Spielberg film and take note.  The East German "Democratic Republic" (GDR) was formed in 1949 to administer the section of East Germany occupied by the Soviets after WWII (1948).  East Berlin was its capitol.  Millions of residents had fled to the West between 1948 and 1960 so the wall was built in 1961 to keep the dwindling population in place, imprisoned.  Young people educated...(Read Full Post)
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