Take Your Kids to See Bridge of Spies

All of those young people who think a vote for Hillary or Bernie will bring about a better America, need a corrective jolt of  history.  They need to see Bridge of Spies.  Bernie Sanders touts his Democratic Socialism in every speech.  Clinton tries to win over his supporters by promising to move to Bernie's left; she wants everyone's guns as well.   For a good look at what terrors Democratic Socialism can wreak, those young un-informed, ill-educated  idealists need to see the new Spielberg film and take note. 

The East German "Democratic Republic" (GDR) was formed in 1949 to administer the section of East Germany occupied by the Soviets after WWII (1948).  East Berlin was its capitol.  Millions of residents had fled to the West between 1948 and 1960 so the wall was built in 1961 to keep the dwindling population in place, imprisoned.  Young people educated in our American-apologist version of history must see this film and realize how twisted socialism can and does become. They will learn too how and why America is different and altogether unique; we have a Constitution.   President Obama has shredded that great document these past seven years but it remains our unifying "rule book."

After the wall was built, hundreds of people were killed trying to escape East Germany, its cruelties and deprivations.  They died by gunshot, land mines, and other booby traps.  But the will to escape was so powerful, some made it to the West - some by hot air balloon, even by swimming across the Baltic Sea or simply scaling the wall and evading the bullets border guards were shooting at them. This was Democratic Socialism in its purest form; unfree, vicious, impoverished, and violent. 

Bernie and Hillary would of course assert that their form of democratic socialism is nothing like the Soviet brand but both of them abhor capitalism and promise to further transform the American economy, to pick up Obama's mantle and run with it. But neither of them is immune to socialism's seductions; they each embrace them.  Their campaign promises to further transform America must not fall on deaf ears.

Obama has accomplished a great deal of "transformation" in his seven years, all of it negative for the American people.  Millions cannot find work and are no longer in the labor force but are uncounted as unemployed.  Millions of young college graduates cannot find jobs,  fifty million more are newly dependent on the government, and our once-great system of medical care is in shambles, especially for the people Obamacare was allegedly designed to help.  We are being overrun by illegal immigrants who the President has invited to come and stay (and vote).  The growth of our economy barely registers. Hillary wants to further impede the economy with more redistribution and more climate change nonsense, but she and her cohorts will see to it that they retain their own vast wealth of course.   The private property of the middle class will gradually be superceded by and to the state (they will not be able to afford it) while Hillary and her pals get richer and richer and amass more and more private property. 

It is curious that Spielberg, a cautious liberal and close friend of the Clintons, has produced such a profound  and truthful indictment of socialism.  But then perhaps he meant to do exactly that; like other successful filmmakers, he has enjoyed the freedoms America has offered more than most citizens will ever know.  The film is a timely reminder of why this nation must not elect Hillary or Bernie Sanders.   Both of them are stealth purveyors of Marxist, redistributionist, policies that will bring about further economic decay.  Their supporters should see the film and then watch The Lives of Others (2006).  If neither of these films wakes them up to the realities of the inevitable course socialism takes, then they are too ignorant to vote. 



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