Rubio ad presents compelling reason to elect his father president

Marco Rubio has a history of producing mush for ads.  A recent ad featured him tossing a football and talking about sports teams.  And now he has produced an ad...about his father.

Rubio narrates an ad showing his father working long hours, working as a bartender.  He says that his father worked hard so Rubio could run for president someday.

And that's it.  That's the entire ad.

I get it.  Rubio is trying to show he comes from humble roots.

But what about some content, about, you know, the candidate actually running for president?  Would anyone vote for  Rubio because his dad was a hardworking bartender?  Does Marco Rubio have nothing else to say in a 60-second commercial about himself – why he wants to be president, what he's accomplished thus far?

He can't, because there's nothing.  Not only has Rubio not accomplished anything since he came to Washington, but the one thing he has tried to do, to give blanket amnesty to illegal aliens, has been wildly unpopular.  That's why his ad resembles a sentimental look back at Cheers.  Rubio has nothing to talk about when it comes to himself.

His ad very creepily resembles one of Hillary Clinton's ads, where she spends the entire ad talking about her mother.  Hillary had to do that because she has no positive record to run on, no accomplishments, only cover-ups and disasters.  Like Rubio, she has to change the subject.

I think Rubio would be better served doing what he does best: memorizing a lot of foreign policy buzzwords and uttering them in his pseudo-sagacious, ponderous tone.  Here are some of his favorites: "reposition," "geopolitical course," "geopolitical catastrophe," "exploiting a vacuum,"  "reliable ally," "power broker," "NATO obligations," "apocalyptic vision of the future," "extraordinary dangerous times," "number one obligation," "bold action," "peace and stability," "principles governing exercise of power," "adhering to doctrine," "bipartisan tradition," and "smart power."  Watch a little bit of him here and try to see if even he knows what he's talking about.  Real people don't talk like this.

Of course, none of his buzzwords have the emotional power of Donald Trump saying simply that he is going to massively bomb ISIS to pieces.  But that's why Donald Trump is #1 in the polls, and Rubio is #3 or #4.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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