A DINO can beat a bad Republican in Louisiana

The Louisiana election, in which John Bel Edwards beat David Vitter, does not say much about the state of politics in the South.  It is an aberration but should teach the GOP an important lesson.

Governor elect Edwards is anti-abortion and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and he did not mention President Obama.  He was vague and danced around liberal topics.  I looked and could not find the word Democrat in his website.  I saw some of his ads and never heard a word about Democrats.  We are not even sure that he voted for President Obama!

He also ran against Washington and called his opponent part of the dysfunctional federal government.  

In fact, this is how he describes himself:    

Father, Public Servant, Veteran, Man of Religion, Small Businessman.... John Bel Edwards Will Put Louisiana Families and Louisiana Workers First...

The GOP candidate, Senator Vitter, had scandal problems and could not unite the GOP.  He had a prostitution scandal and could not overcome that.  

In other words, any serious GOP candidate would have won the election!   

So what's the lesson?  A DINO, or Democrat in Name Only, has a very good chance of beating a bad GOP candidate, even in the red South.

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