Provocative YouTube video caused Paris attacks

Right after the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton told all of us (except Chelsea) that the attack was triggered by a YouTube video that was said to be offensive to Islam.

Well, history must be repeating itself, because the attacks in Paris seem to have been triggered by another YouTube video.

The video in question is one by French president François Hollande, where he announces that France will admit tens of thousands of "refugees" into France.  (The actual number, of course, is much higher than that.)

When Islamic radicals saw that, they knew they had a golden opportunity to infiltrate their killers into France.  There could be no vetting of refugees, since they came from a country in chaos with no central authority.  An astonishing number of "refugees" just happened to be military-age young men, but still no one stopped them.  With open borders, they could smuggle not only terrorists, but automatic weapons into the country.  Hollande's video announcement gave them the green light to come into France and slaughter its citizens with impunity.

But it wasn't just the Hollande video that triggered violence.  Other videos also caused violence as well.

Here's a video about German chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to let 1.5 million Muslim refugees into Germany.  Her actions opened the door to huge numbers of Muslim refugees who are committing all kinds  of acts of violence.

Al Gore is contributing to the violence as well.  He was livestreaming a broadcast about global warming in the Eiffel Tower the day of the attacks.  A coincidence?  I don't think so.  I think Islamics view the global warming religion as an affront, as a false religion, and their anger may have contributed to their decision of which city to target.

I think President Obama has contributed to the violence, too, with this YouTube video where he refuses to admit that ISIS is a branch of Islam.  It must infuriate ISIS that the word "Islamic," which is in the very name of their group, is not being acknowledged by Obama as the foundational part of their ideology.  Perhaps that makes them angrier and angrier.  Imagine if we were at war with the Soviet Union and Obama refused to call them Communists – merely "misguided Russians."  That would make them angry too.

I am afraid that a podcast of Marco Rubio may cause more violence in the future.  In the podcast, Rubio calls for admitting more Muslim refugees to America, as long as we can be sure they are not terrorists (as if there were any way of doing that).  If ISIS hears this podcast, they will send more of their terror killers to America.

One way to prevent future violence is to prevent these kinds of videos from being posted online.  But I think a more effective strategy might be to vote out of office the people making these videos and electing people who will care more about our security than refugee populations laced with dangerous killers.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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