No Trayvon outcry for Tayshawn

The November 2 execution-style vengeance killing of nine-year old Chicago resident Tayshawn Lee has been completely ignored by the Black Lives Matter movement.  Likewise, Lee's tragic death remains unacknowledged by so-called black "leaders" like the rabble-rousing Al Sharpton or fellow Chicagoan Jesse Jackson.  Even the former Chicago community organizer Barack Obama – and his pouty-faced "bring back our girls" wife Michelle – have interestingly chosen silence despite their polarizing, knee-jerk history of inserting themselves into the political discourse. Unlike Trayvon Martin who garnered countrywide attention and outrage regarding his unfortunate fate – a life cut short by violence – the similar-sounding Tayshawn has been relegated to a police blotter and a startling urban crime statistic: 418 murders in the Windy City this year so far. Tayshawn, an innocent whose father was a gang member, was...(Read Full Post)