Meet the insufferable Chuck Todd

If you're a news junkie like me, you may have the misfortune of watching Meet the Press on Sunday mornings.  Once a beacon of journalistic integrity, Meet the Press has devolved into a mouthpiece for the left and the Democratic Party, with NBC News's political director Chuck Todd at the helm. Like his predecessor David Gregory, Chuck Todd is a doctrinaire liberal arrogant enough to believe that he can persuade Americans that he's nonpartisan and brazen enough to repeatedly engage in journalistic malpractice in order to portray conservatives and Republicans as outside the mainstream and otherwise nefarious. This past Sunday's broadcast was a case study in how the left-wing news media distorts the truth to advance an anti-Republican narrative. Most of the show focused on smearing Republican candidates as "Islamophobes" who use the "politics of fear" to win votes. Ascribing the "politics of fear" exclusively to Republicans is...(Read Full Post)