Meaningless 'resignation' as 'I need some muscle' prof tries damage control

The top management of the University of Missouri may have resigned over vague “failure” to “do enough” to combat racism, but the professor who sought “muscle” to trample the First Amendment will continue to collect her paycheck.  Despite this, numerous media, including the Fox News Channel this morning, have reported that she “resigned,” as if she has paid the ultimate work life price for her attempted thuggery.  That is nonsense.

Assistant Professor Melissa Click has merely resigned from a “courtesy appointment” in the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, a separate entity from the Department of Communications, in which she holds her salaried teaching position.  The main effect of a courtesy appointment is to enable her to sit as a member of the thesis committees of doctoral candidates in the J-school.  For the record, the MU J-school is generally regarded as one of the top 3 schools of journalism in the United States and is a crown jewel of the campus.  Its faculty and administration are obviously humiliated to have anyone associated with the institution seen intimidating a journalist with the threat of physical violence in order to obstruct news-gathering.

The Columbia Missourian reports that the J-school had been considering her continued damaging association, and that Click’s resignation avoided a vote to terminate her relationship:

 The Journalism School's Executive Committee, including Dean David Kurpius, met Tuesday morning to discuss the vote and prepare a statement on Click's actions Monday as seen in footage of an incident between the photographer, Tim Tai, an undergraduate in photojournalism, and the protesters — including MU's Greek Life and Leadership Assistant Director Janna Basler.

On Tuesday night, Click attended a meeting with the executive committee and the journalism school's promotion and tenure committee. Kurpius said Click resigned her courtesy appointment before a vote was taken. Kurpius said the committee discussed other matters, but that Click's appointment was the only item for which a vote was planned.

So she avoided a humiliating rejection.  She also offered a meaningless apology for being perceived as what she is – someone who thinks it is fine to silence opposition and avoid scrutiny.

Click remains in her position, enabling her to shape young minds in her leftist direction.  A brief examination of her published work shows that she is highly political.  Incidentally, she has been an assistant professor at MU for 7 years now, according to the Missourian.  As a recovering academic, I can report that this is a very long time to remain at the bottom of the hierarchy of professors.  Most institutions have an up-or-out system, and spending 7 years at the bottom rung of the tenure track is not an encouraging sign.

Click’s “research” seems to involve indulging in a lot of popular culture and writing up her thoughts.  For example, on Twilight, a favorite topic, she “problematizes” the abstinence and romance messages of the popular series.

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