ISIS in France spoils Obama's talk of containment

On Friday morning, President Obama went on TV and said that ISIS was now contained.  A few hours later, ISIS reminded the world that containment does not apply to their "chapter" in France. Over and over, we are watching the total and complete failure of President Obama's approach to fighting ISIS, as David French wrote: ISIS has been allowed not just to live, but to grow. And now it’s demonstrating massive increase in its destructive reach. Within the space of days, it has apparently brought down a civilian airliner, bombed Beirut, and now reportedly launched a multi-pronged urban assault in a western capital. This is what happens when terrorists are allowed safe havens and given free reign [sic] to recruit and spread their influence.  President Obama has been wrong about this war from day one. He pretended to end wars, but the enemy is still shooting at us. He wants to close GITMO, but the events in Paris...(Read Full Post)