How close is Putin to blowing up NATO?

The Turkey-Russia feud raises a few questions about the future of NATO.  In other words, are NATO allies ready to defend Turkey?  Or are they expecting U.S. jets to do it?    Based on what we saw in Iraq in the late 1990s (enforcing the no-fly zone) and Kosovo in 1995, NATO will come down to U.S. and U.K. jets doing all the flying. My guess is that Putin knows this and will try to force NATO to act.  He is now saying that the U.S. knew that Turkey would shoot down a Russian jet.  On the other hand, Turkey is telling Russia not to play with fire.    Who really knows?  At the same time, it does not matter.  The jet is down, a pilot is dead, and Putin just got the opportunity to prick the NATO balloon. Putin has been trying to downsize NATO for some time.  I agree with Stephen Covington: Russia’s leadership wants a Europe without strategic Alliances, without multi-national organizations and without a...(Read Full Post)