Google spending $500,000 to create a police brutality app

Google is spending $500,000 to create a police brutality app.  Not an app to actually cause police brutality at the push of a button (that would be some app!), but one that allows people to report it. But why do people need a police brutality app?  If they've been brutalized, can't they call a lawyer, the media, or the ACLU without an app?  And why does it cost $500,000 to make an app?  The real cost for a simple app like this should be under $5,000. Did I mention that this app is being designed by one of the founders of BlackLivesMatter? Oakland's Ella Baker Center is receiving two grants of $500,000. The first will support Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, a fellow with the center who is working with the ACLU on a police violence reporting app. Why is Cullors getting $495,000 more than the cost needed to design a useless app?  Well, here is another statistic: Google is only 2% black.  It looks as though Google...(Read Full Post)