Google spending $500,000 to create a police brutality app

Google is spending $500,000 to create a police brutality app.  Not an app to actually cause police brutality at the push of a button (that would be some app!), but one that allows people to report it.

But why do people need a police brutality app?  If they've been brutalized, can't they call a lawyer, the media, or the ACLU without an app?  And why does it cost $500,000 to make an app?  The real cost for a simple app like this should be under $5,000.

Did I mention that this app is being designed by one of the founders of BlackLivesMatter?

Oakland's Ella Baker Center is receiving two grants of $500,000. The first will support Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, a fellow with the center who is working with the ACLU on a police violence reporting app.

Why is Cullors getting $495,000 more than the cost needed to design a useless app?  Well, here is another statistic: Google is only 2% black.  It looks as though Google is giving hush money to black radicals so they won't attack Google's "racist" employment statistics, much as companies used to give hush money to Jesse Jackson for much the same reason.

Google is also paying $750,000 to fund minority "education."

The Oakland Unified School District's pioneering African American Male Achievement program, whose goal is to close the opportunity gap for young black men, will receive $750,000 for career academies for high school students with the goal of lifting graduation rates and admissions to four-year colleges. Graduates receive a high school diploma in start-up entrepreneurship, social innovation and civic engagement.

A high school diploma in entrepreneurship?  Really?  Here's a little secret: most people are not ready to start companies until they've actually worked for them.  And most people don't have the experience do to do so at age 18.  A high school diploma in entrepreneurship wouldn't be worth the paper it's written on, except to make people feel good.  As for a diploma in social innovation and civic engagement, I have no idea what that means.  We never studied "social innovation" or "civic engagement" when I was in school.  It sounds like more feel-good talk, instead of teaching students writing and math skills they need to succeed.

Silicon Valley De-Bug, a San Jose group that helps people and their families navigate the criminal justice system and reduce sentences, is receiving $600,000.

Do we really want criminals to "navigate" the criminal justice system?  What are they doing, training people to be pirates?  I'd prefer they be in prison.

Google is doing all this to take the heat off its hiring practices.  It's afraid to talk about the real truths about single-parent minority homes and failed public schools.  This way is easier.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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