George Will drew first blood

That was his first mistake.  And Bill O’Reilly was about to make him pay for it with a dressing down rarely if ever seen between two conservative superstars on a major prime-time news show. The clash began with George Will’s evisceration of O’Reilly’s new book, Killing Reagan.  O’Reilly documented how Reagan’s health was much worse than most knew.  So bad that staffers prepared a memo instructing Reagan’s chief of staff, Howard Baker, what to do if it was discovered the president was no longer able to carry out his duties. Will did not like that on two counts.  One, it was untrue.  Two, it was unkind.  Will’s attack began with the Washington Post headline: “Bill O’Reilly Slanders Ronald Reagan.” The rest of the review was reminiscent of Mary McCarthy quote of Lillian Hellman: “Every word she writes is a lie, including and and the.” A few one-liners should...(Read Full Post)