Donald Trump plans to bypass courts when deporting illegals

Donald Trump revealed a little more about his plans to deport illegal aliens.  He was challenged by the corporatists at Business Insider about the practicality of his plan to deport illegal immigrants.  They wanted to show him up and make him look like a fool.  Instead, I think they were surprised by what he said:

Donald Trump's plan to deport nearly 11 million people living in the US without permission would put a massive strain on the immigration courts, creating an enormous backlog of cases that would take years to clear. 

But if Trump is elected president, he has a simple solution: He'll simply go around the courts. 

In an interview with Business Insider at Trump Tower in New York last week, Trump repeatedly brushed off concerns about the practicality of his immigration plan, saying that he would have perfect legal authority to circumvent the courts. 

"They say you have to go through a huge legal process. You don't. They're illegal. If somebody walks in, they don't bring them to court, they send them back," Trump said.

"Well these people came in, and they came in a year ago. No different. If somebody walks from Mexico or wherever they come from, and they come into the country, security guards bring 'em back. You don't go through 10 years of courts and stuff. Well, this is no different."

Liberals will claim that Trump is ignoring the law, but they have no problem with ignoring the law when it comes to sanctuary cities.  A lot of the law that judges have created is highly questionable in any event.  For example, the Supreme Court found that illegal children have a constitutional right to a public education.  Why?  Why should they have any rights under the Constitution?  They are certainly not citizens, and they are not even in the country legally.

Another court alarmingly found that illegals have the right to bear arms.  People who are not supposed to be here have the right to have guns.  Just think about it.  The court is basically legalizing the arming of invaders.

Courts have also struck down requirements that voters provide documents proving they are citizens, in effect giving illegal aliens the right to vote.

None of these is a valid decision.  None has any basis in the Constitution.  So when Trump says he is going to ignore the courts to deport illegals, who is following the Constitution, and who is disobeying it?

In any event, if Trump keeps his promise and circumvents the court, it will provide a much more speedy deportation process for illegals.  It makes his plan to deport millions of them much more realistic, much as President Eisenhower did in the 1950s.

I'm still waiting for another candidate, any candidate, even Ted Cruz, to talk about deportation of illegals.  Until they do, it says to me that all the other candidates are going to allow nearly all the illegals to stay here.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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