COPing with Real-World Catastrophes

The attack on climate change via the United Nation’s 21st annual Conference of Parties (COP21) is on the horizon.  People who grew up with computer games and now live in the world of computer-generated climate are scheduled to meet in Paris starting November 30th to discuss strategies to defeat their ethereal enemy -- manmade climate catastrophe. 

Meanwhile, those who think beyond keyboard theories and computer graphics will engage the war that continues to manifest itself in places like Paris, to save other innocents from imminent and future destruction by real world destroyers -- radical Islamic terrorists.   After all, global terrorism is a real and present danger that no Party in Paris or climate crusaderism will stop.

Stating the obvious to the oblivious:  It’s a pretty sure bet jihadists are not all that concerned about reducing their carbon footprint.   They probably wouldn’t even appreciate a planet-sensitive climate delegate inserting a daisy in their Kalashnikov.

Across the Atlantic, except for the Obama Administration and Democratic presidential candidates, Americans apparently realize the relative unimportance of manmade climate change.  Concerns about such change languish at the bottom of lists of issues that really trouble the citizenry--lists with the economy and terrorism at the top.

The U.S. can certainly do its part to alleviate the destruction to people and the planet caused by ruthless invaders.  Instead of wasting tax payer’s money on WarCraft climate battles and sending delegates to COP21, the President should be focusing the American people’s hard-earned revenue and intelligence resources on the real global war -- the one on terrorism.


Anthony J. Sadar is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist and author of "In Global Warming We Trust."





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