Can liberals replace killer whales at SeaWorld?

California has pressured SeaWorld San Diego to give up its killer whale shows, the best part of a visit to the aquarium.  And, to add insult to injury, SeaWorld is replacing its killer whale shows with something both ecological and lame: SeaWorld, in a move to rebuild its brand and combat declining attendance, will phase out its traditional Shamu show in San Diego and replace it with one that is less about tricks and more about orcas' natural behaviors in the wild. But audiences want to see the killer whales do tricks, not learn about their behavior in the wild. Next year will be the last for the show and coming in 2017 will be what SeaWorld Entertainment describes as a new orca experience, designed to take place in a more natural setting. The announcement, made during a Monday morning presentation by senior SeaWorld executives, is part of a multi-pronged effort by the Orlando company to refocus the public's attention on its conservation...(Read Full Post)