Can liberals replace killer whales at SeaWorld?

California has pressured SeaWorld San Diego to give up its killer whale shows, the best part of a visit to the aquarium.  And, to add insult to injury, SeaWorld is replacing its killer whale shows with something both ecological and lame:

SeaWorld, in a move to rebuild its brand and combat declining attendance, will phase out its traditional Shamu show in San Diego and replace it with one that is less about tricks and more about orcas' natural behaviors in the wild.

But audiences want to see the killer whales do tricks, not learn about their behavior in the wild.

Next year will be the last for the show and coming in 2017 will be what SeaWorld Entertainment describes as a new orca experience, designed to take place in a more natural setting. The announcement, made during a Monday morning presentation by senior SeaWorld executives, is part of a multi-pronged effort by the Orlando company to refocus the public's attention on its conservation efforts.

 Thanks, SeaWorld – I'll pass on that.

CEO Joel Manby, though, was short on specifics as to what the new orca shows will entail.

"We start everything by listening to our guests and evolving our shows to what we’re hearing, and so far that’s what we’ve been hearing in California, they want experiences that are more natural and experiences that look more natural in the environment," Manby said. 

No, what we want to see is these giant, deadly, beautiful creatures jump high out of the water and land with a splash.  We want un-transgender women in bathing suits to ride them around and do acrobatic stunts.  In short, we don't want education; we want entertainment.

In totality, Speigel said SeaWorld's presentation amounted to "getting back to basics" under new management. "They're going to listen to their guests and continue to react to guests...."

I strongly doubt that guests want an end to the killer whale shows.  This is whom they are listening to:

The plan to gradually phase out the traditional Shamu show comes amid efforts at both the state and federal level to clamp down on SeaWorld by ending the captive breeding of orcas. SeaWorld has already vowed to fight a recent ruling by the California Coastal Commission to bar it from breeding its orcas as a condition of moving forward with the tank expansion projects.

I think if whale shows stop, liberals with big bellies should step up and replace them, to do the jobs the killer whales won't do.  Their backs should be painted black, and their bellies should be painted white, and they should swim in tanks and jump through hoops and let women ride them for soy snacks.

First they came for the elephants at the circus.  Now they have come after the killer whales.  Zoos are already under assault.  And after that, they will come for your dogs and cats.  Yes, your dogs and cats.  It's a pity that the business that owns SeaWorld has no spine to fight back.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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