Bush, psychoanalyzing self, finds himself virtuous enough for presidency

The greatest fiction writers will tell you that the best way to describe a character in a story is to show him in action, not to describe him with adjectives. Unfortunately, Jeb Bush doesn't employ very talented novelists to write his speeches.  In an effort to re-re-reboot his campaign, he gave a major speech in Miami in English on Monday. First, Jeb started talking about his exciting new book – about his emails. For eight years, I gave out my jeb@jeb.org email address to anyone who wanted to talk to me. And email they did! People across the state told me their stories. Sometimes they asked questions. Sometimes they asked for help. I used my email exchanges to tell the Florida story.  Zzzzzzzz. These aren't the kind of emails where you have an ambassador going, "Help!  We need more security!" and Jeb responding, "Sorry, I don't read classified emails."  It's boring, chatty,...(Read Full Post)