Black radicals demand white Yale students take ethnic studies

Yale University has a black, liberal dean, named Jonathan Holloway. The student body is 11% black, which almost mirrors its percentage in the population. But that's not good enough for black radicals, who have issued a list of demands. The bespectacled dean has lost five pounds since the campus erupted in a series of rallies and demonstrations this month, and the student activism shows few signs of waning. On Friday, Dr. Holloway was preparing his anxious staff for the possibility of a student sit-in. He was texting the campus police about rumored threats against his office and debating whether to lock down the building. (He kept the doors open.) The simmering racial tensions at Yale came to a boil last month when Erika Christakis, a faculty member and an administrator at a student residence, challenged an email sent by the university’s Intercultural Affairs Committee. The committee had urged students to avoid wearing “culturally unaware and insensitive”...(Read Full Post)