Black radicals demand white Yale students take ethnic studies

Yale University has a black, liberal dean, named Jonathan Holloway. The student body is 11% black, which almost mirrors its percentage in the population. But that's not good enough for black radicals, who have issued a list of demands.

The bespectacled dean has lost five pounds since the campus erupted in a series of rallies and demonstrations this month, and the student activism shows few signs of waning. On Friday, Dr. Holloway was preparing his anxious staff for the possibility of a student sit-in. He was texting the campus police about rumored threats against his office and debating whether to lock down the building. (He kept the doors open.)

The simmering racial tensions at Yale came to a boil last month when Erika Christakis, a faculty member and an administrator at a student residence, challenged an email sent by the university’s Intercultural Affairs Committee. The committee had urged students to avoid wearing “culturally unaware and insensitive” Halloween costumes that might offend minority students, such as blackface, turbans or feathered headdresses.

Saying that universities were increasingly becoming “places of censure and prohibition,” Ms. Christakis said that students should be allowed to wear some costumes that others might find inappropriate or offensive. Her remarks touched off a firestorm. Hundreds of students signed an open letter, accusing her of insensitivity to minorities.

Then, about two weeks ago, a black undergraduate accused a fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, of denying her entrance to a “white girls only” party on the basis of her race, an allegation the fraternity denies.

I think you would be more likely to find a "black girls only" party at Yale than a "white girls only" one. The Yale student body is extremely liberal and bends over backwards to avoid offending anyone. I'm speaking from four years of personal experience on this one.

The black radicals have issued a list of demands. Firstly, they want all students to be forced to take an ethnic studies class. White students will be forced to learn black, Hispanic, Asian, or American Indian oppression. (Curiously, the document refers to "Chicanx & Latinx Studies", as if some of them aren't sure what gender they are.) Nowhere does it say, however, that black students would be forced to take a "white studies" class, if such a thing existed.

Another demand is that they want the Yale Health Center to hire black psychiatrists. Yes, you heard this correctly. Perhaps this is an admission that they are mentally ill. Or perhaps they think the black brain is fundamentally different from the white brain, which is what you would expect from black racists such as these.

A third demand is that they want an increase of two million dollars for their black "cultural center".  I am not sure what the money is for -- slave reparations, perhaps?

And on that subject, they want the heads of each dormitory, called "residential colleges," to have their name changed from "master." Yes, traditionally the head of each residential college is called "master." White students never seemed to have a problem calling their residential college head a master, but I guess it makes black radicals feel like slaves to do so.

Another demand is to build a monument to show that Yale was built on land stolen from American Indians. I hadn't heard about this one! I have no idea if it's true, but perhaps they could take one of the larger residential colleges, like Timothy Dwight or Pierson college, and convert one of them into an Indian casino to compensate them for their loss.

And they also want free dental care, optometry services, free food and whatever else they can think of. What this has to do with racism I don't know.

Why should we be surprised when an institution which for generations has taught minorities that they are oppressed, finds the most radical among them rise up and eat their indoctrinators? Why should we be surprised when those who cry "racism" seek to set themselves above students of other races and make themselves the "masters"? When it happens to liberals like these, all we can do is sit back and pass the popcorn.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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