The blogger who brought down Chicago Public Schools chief

The national media barely gave any attention to the criminal bribery of the head of the Chicago Public Schools admitted to with a guilty plea last week.  (AT was on the case when she was indicted, though.) After all, public schools are supposed to be noble institutions starved of money, and it just looks bad to see an African-American woman admitting she pulled over two million bucks out of the schools’ budget and enjoyed lavish Vegas vacations for steering no-bid contracts to her former employer. In case you missed it, The Chicago Tribune reported last Tuesday: As she took over as chief of the Chicago Public Schools three years ago, Barbara Byrd-Bennett was touted as an experienced administrator who was going to help the Emanuel administration turn around a system beset by a recent teacher's strike, huge budget deficits and pending school closings. On Tuesday, the mayor's handpicked choice to lead the nation's third-largest school system became...(Read Full Post)