Obama's wink and nod on gun confiscation

President Obama couldn’t be more eager to change the subject of national news discussion away from the catastrophic failure of his Middle East foreign policy.  So the shooting in Roseburg, OR offered an opportunity to gin up his base and refocus his domestic opponents on playing defense against gun control. By framing his goal as the extremely vague phrase “commonsense gun control legislation,” he avoids specifics.  And in fact, nobody on his team has yet come up with a concrete suggestion that would have saved the lives of the Oregon junior college students and faculty.  That is by design, since the entire point is not to accomplish anything positive, but rather to refocus the subject of political debate. Nevertheless, in his October 1 statement just a few hours after the incident and before the killer’s name was known, he offered a wink and nod toward those who want to confiscate firearms: We know other countries in response to one...(Read Full Post)