Obama makes startling admissions in 60 Minutes interview

President Obama was visibly annoyed to face persistent questions from CBS’s Steve Kroft in a 60 Minutes interview the likes of which the president has not had to endure.  At one point, Kroft accused Obama of “filibustering” – a common tactic of his, but one which he has never, to my recollection, been taken to task about. The two most notable moments are excerpted below from the CBS transcript.  Faced with questioning over the challenge from Vladimir Putin and the question of who has the leadership, Obama reverted to a cringe-worthy proclamation that his leadership on climate change and the Iran nuclear sellout is what really counts.  In part two of the interview, he made three notable declarations on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.  One, that it didn’t constitute a national security threat, despite the fact that ongoing FBI investigations have yet to reach their conclusions.  Two, that Mrs. Clinton made a...(Read Full Post)