Jeb Bush says he is the ultimate disruptor

Jeb Bush has learned a new word (in English). It is "disruptor," and he is using it constantly in his speeches. Jeb Bush is desperate to win over Republicans who reward authenticity. But he’s struggling to figure out which voice to use. Stuck behind three candidates who have never before held elected office, the establishment-backed Bush is suddenly selling himself in Iowa as a “disruptor” and promising to “disrupt the status quo in Washington,” never mind his presidential pedigree. At a town hall inside a coffee shop here Wednesday, he used a variation of that word eight times in the first eight minutes. Eight variations?  Disrupt, disrupting, disrupts, disrupted, disruption, disruptions, disruptingly, (¿un gran disruptador?). Bush is so empty, so vapid, that he is reduced to looking for slogans and keywords, but the most comical part is that the word he chooses is wildly inappropriate. The word...(Read Full Post)