Gays and Muslim refugees

Add gays to the victims of the latest influx of the Muslim refugees arriving in Europe.  Take this Arab gay man (per the Washington Post) who decided to come out: What followed over the next several weeks, though, was a litany of abuse — both verbal and physical — from other refugees, including an attempt to burn his feet in the middle of the night. The harassment ultimately became so severe that he and two other openly gay asylum seekers were removed from the refugee center with the aid of a local gay activist group and placed in separate accommodations across town. Most of his fellow gays probably choose stay in the closet, but his case is not unique: So far in the city of Dresden, an eastern German metropolis of 525,000, at least seven gay asylum seekers have been removed from shelters this year for their own safety. The Washington Post decided to put as politically correct a spin on the situation as possible: “Just like everyone...(Read Full Post)