Gays and Muslim refugees

Add gays to the victims of the latest influx of the Muslim refugees arriving in Europe.  Take this Arab gay man (per the Washington Post) who decided to come out:

What followed over the next several weeks, though, was a litany of abuse — both verbal and physical — from other refugees, including an attempt to burn his feet in the middle of the night. The harassment ultimately became so severe that he and two other openly gay asylum seekers were removed from the refugee center with the aid of a local gay activist group and placed in separate accommodations across town.

Most of his fellow gays probably choose stay in the closet, but his case is not unique:

So far in the city of Dresden, an eastern German metropolis of 525,000, at least seven gay asylum seekers have been removed from shelters this year for their own safety.

The Washington Post decided to put as politically correct a spin on the situation as possible:

“Just like everyone else, with the refugees, there are good ones and bad ones, and there are those who are carrying homophobic attitudes from their homelands,” said Jouanna Hassoun, head of the Berlin gay federation’s migrant program. “Those attitudes won’t be abandoned immediately.”

But sheer demographics shows that talking about abandoning those attitudes in our lifetime is wishful thinking that ignores the reality of Muslim demographics in Europe.

Ed Straker adds:

Experts estimate that a record number of gays and lesbians seeking asylum, as many as 50,000, will arrive this year in Germany, the European nation accepting the largest number of refugees. 

Fifty thousand?  Wow!  I didn't know there were that many gays in Islam!

Once in Europe, gays and lesbians are herded along with other asylum seekers into cramped shelters and camps, where a number of them are exposed to serious harassment.

Ktifan and two other men — Yousif al-Doori, 25, of Iraq, and Ahmed Suliman, 20, of Syria — said ... another refugee slipped into his room at night, stuck pieces of paper between his toes and set them on fire. Al-Doori said several male refugees from North Africa and the Middle East surrounded him and then demanded sex. He said he pretended to go with one of them willingly before running away.... Several of the male refugees would shout at them “to go wait with the women,” Ktifan said.

Sensing a growing threat, officials in Berlin are seeking to open the city’s first refugee center exclusively for gays and lesbians. The Berlin gay federation, meanwhile, has rolled out a new campaign called Love Deserves Respect, putting up posters inside refu­gee centers showing three couples kissing — a man and a woman, two women and two men.

That should solve the problem!

Europe continues to close its eyes to the massively intolerant population it is importing.  It's another example of the leaders of those countries acting contrary to the wishes of their citizens, in a very destructive  way.

Ed Straker is senior writer of, the conservative news site.