Bush promises to improve...just needs more testing time

Jeb Bush has had a revelation: he has to do better.  Perhaps he didn't know that before, not after the first two debates, and not after his enormous slide in the polls.  But the important thing is, he knows it now. "I could have done better," Bush conceded on a conference call Thursday afternoon with top donors and state chairs, according to a person who participated. Note that Jeb said he could have done better.  But he didn't.  So it seems he purposely chose not to.  Does he really expect the presidency to just be handed to him?  Watch these Bush surrogates try to cover for him: Sig Rogich, a longtime Bush family adviser who now leads the former governor's Nevada campaign, said Bush was visibly uncomfortable going on the attack. But Rogich expressed confidence that the candidate can show the toughness that is required. "His gentlemanly manner got in the way of tough, gnarly debate activity. Everyone realizes...(Read Full Post)