Ambassador Stevens is Dead, Hillary is Alive, and the Truth is on the Run

We are supposed to believe that the Benghazi hearings are a partisan exercise to bring down Hillary Clinton.   A State Department outpost for which she was responsible was violently attacked by terrorists.  It was a planned attack.  She knew that immediately but lied to the public and even dithered about which YouTube video to blame.  Christopher Stevens, the ambassador to Libya, who had asked over two hundred times for increased security but was denied (by State Dept. underlings), was murdered. The city had suffered seventy-seven terrorist attacks in the previous months and still Amb. Stevens' "facility" was not granted any increased security.   His requests "never reached her desk."  Not her fault according to Hillary. Taking down Ghaddafi was Hillary's baby, her grand plan.  It was going to be her foreign policy success, her coup.   When it went...(Read Full Post)