Ambassador Stevens is Dead, Hillary is Alive, and the Truth is on the Run

We are supposed to believe that the Benghazi hearings are a partisan exercise to bring down Hillary Clinton.   A State Department outpost for which she was responsible was violently attacked by terrorists.  It was a planned attack.  She knew that immediately but lied to the public and even dithered about which YouTube video to blame.  Christopher Stevens, the ambassador to Libya, who had asked over two hundred times for increased security but was denied (by State Dept. underlings), was murdered. The city had suffered seventy-seven terrorist attacks in the previous months and still Amb. Stevens' "facility" was not granted any increased security.   His requests "never reached her desk."  Not her fault according to Hillary.

Taking down Ghaddafi was Hillary's baby, her grand plan.  It was going to be her foreign policy success, her coup.   When it went sour on her watch two months before the election, she dissembled.  She repeatedly utters the words, "I take responsibility" which are meaningless; she has taken none.  She actually, in a sideways fashion, blamed Chris Stevens for his own death because he never asked to be relieved of duty or for the embassy to be closed.  He "understood the dangers of such a post" said Hillary.  Every other  Western embassy had left for obvious reasons; it was a very dangerous place.  For her to admit this would have been impolitic to say the least; it belied her grand plan.  It did not fit with Obama's slogan of the campaign, "Bin Laden is dead, GM is alive, and Al Qaeda is on the run." 

The hearings yesterday were quite a spectacle.  For the Democrats on the committee, they were clearly partisan.  They slavishly pandered to Sec. Clinton, gushing over her in every way possible.   Some of their groveling was absolutely cringe inducing.   They defended each and every failure of her judgment.  It was a pathetic display.  The Republicans were on the defensive thanks to Kevin McCarthy but they were actually trying to get to the truth.  With numerous emails to and from Ms. Clinton that proved her duplicitousness,  her many, many  lies and ever-changing explanations,  it was a difficult task.  She was cool, steely cool.  She was snooty, as always.  She rolled her eyes, overly-acted bored and annoyed.  She truly does think she is better and smarter than the rest of us.  She also believes she is above the law.   According to her supporters on that committee, she apparently is above the law. 

Strangest of all is her argument over the last three years that Ghadaffi had to be taken out because he was about to perpetrate a genocide. There is no evidence of this at all.  Big head-fake.  Big mistake.  Ghadaffi was a lightweight compared to Saddam Hussein and taking Ghadaffi out was her decision, her catastrophic error.  She badgered a clueless President into it.  Her then abandonment of Stevens' facility caused his death, the death of three others and who knows how many other terrible injuries to those who were left without their country's help, who tried to rescue them, and have been prevented from telling their stories.  Can't have any of that in an election year.

To this day the Left continues to besmirch George W. Bush for his invasion of Iraq even though every Western intelligence agency agreed that Saddam indeed did have weapons of mass destruction and was likely to use them.  Congress approved the invasion of Iraq.  Like almost every Democrat in Congress, Hillary voted to take out Saddam Hussein.  And he was a genocidal maniac who had murdered thousands, employed rape rooms, brutalized homosexuals, etc.  Ghadaffi had essentially already thrown in the towel, given up his nukes.  Hillary's supporters do not dare mention her lack of prudence on this point.

The Left has a truly repellent double standard.  Accuse Romney of killing a woman with cancer?  Of not paying taxes? A OK.  Invent things to take out Clarence Thomas?  Or Robert Bork?  Brilliant. Bush was AWOL!  Fabulous idea.   The excesses of the most prominent Democrats like Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Carl Levin, etc.  are legendary for the sheer malignancy of the fabricated personal attacks they wage.  The truth does not matter to the Left.  Any lie in furtherance of their agenda is a moral necessity.  Hillary is just another leftist hack anxious to stay very rich, preserve and increase her power and the power of her party.  Today's hearing proved this without a doubt.  Ambassador Stevens is still dead, Hillary is on track to be the President of the United States and truth apparently no longer matters to an ever-growing portion of an uninformed, amoral electorate.