Williams showed some real character playing that double-header

1941 was the year of DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak, the last summer of peace, and Ted Williams ended up with a .406 batting average.  It is remarkable to go back and see Williams's consistency: The eventual seventeen-time All-Star began the season going one-for-one with a 1.000 batting average. Over the rest of the season, his average never fell below .308, and was almost always over .400. In fact, on July 24, it stood at .397. It would never again fall below .400. Williams wrapped up 1941 at 185-456, good for an average of .406. While Williams’ batting average garnered all of the attention in 1941, he also led the league in home runs (37), base on balls (147), runs (135), slugging average (.735), and on base percentage (.551). But here is the best part of the story.  This is where this goes from another baseball story to a triumph of character. This is where Ted Williams's talent and tenacity were displayed, as remembered in this...(Read Full Post)