Why can't Mitch McConnell be removed just like Boehner?

John Boehner was forced out of office because he didn't have enough Republicans behind him to guarantee him a majority vote in the House of Representatives.  Why can't Mitch McConnell be forced out in the same way?  With only 54 Republican senators, it would only take four dissenters to deny McConnell a majority (in cases of a 50-50 tie, Lunch Box Joe votes for the Democrats). As with Boehner, here's what McConnell has given Obama: 1) 100% of his budget requests 2) Fully funding Obamacare without any restraints 3) Fully funding Obama's illegal amnesty without any restraints 4) Raised the debt ceilings repeatedly without any restraints 5) Effectively given away the Senate's treaty deciding powers 6) Refused to set up select committees to investigate the abuse of powers of this administration So where could the four votes come from? I think it is safe to say that Ted Cruz, who has fought repeatedly with McConnell over...(Read Full Post)