What caused the Iran deal fiasco?

One week after the Senate's infamous rejection of their responsibility as our representatives to vote on the ethics, rationality, and wisdom of trusting Iran's hate-filled clerics with access to nuclear weapons, it is time to assess what caused that epic failure. First and foremost is the self-aggrandizing decision of President Obama to pursue this plan for the sake of his legacy, or whatever other delusional or malevolent intension he has in mind for the Middle East in general and the United States of America in particular.  Much has been written about this already, and about the fecklessness of those senators who stopped a simple majority vote on the Iran deal.  It is the other contributing reasons that deserve more coverage. The next most significant cause of the calamitous Iran deal is the American public education system.  The modern public education system is more concerned with politically correct minutia than the actual dangers posed by Iran, North...(Read Full Post)