Watch a top lawyer rewrite Hillary's loyalty pledge

Taking a cue from the good Chairman Mao, Hillary Clinton is asking voters to sign a "loyalty pledge" stating they will vote for her in the upcoming election.  The whole thing reeks of desperation thanks to the lumbering hospice/zombie campaign of  Bernie "Weekend at Bernie's" Sanders, who is slowly overtaking Hillary in the primaries. When I read the pledge, it struck me how woefully short and underwritten it is.  After all, a pledge is a kind of contract, but this one is bereft of many important contractual details.  As a Harvard Law School-trained attorney, like Obama and Ted Cruz (hopefully a little more like the latter than the former), I thought I might help and give some tips on what Hillary's pledge should look like. Hillary's contract should have the following terms: Consideration.  In order for a contract to be valid, both sides need some form of "consideration," or benefit.  Hillary's...(Read Full Post)