Trump is not the man to lead us

Anyone who watched the GOP debate tonight had to realize what a jerk Donald Trump truly is.  While he may satisfy a certain lust in our hearts for someone who will poke the left and the GOP  "leadership," he is a poster boy for self-love and bad manners.  He may be brilliant at making money and deals, but tonight he did his usual bragging about his wealth and success, he insulted all of his fellow opponents on the stage, and he blew hard without much substance in his windy retorts. He gets a few things right – the danger posed by North Korea, and the fact that criminal illegal aliens are a terrible threat to our safety and need to be deported.  Beyond that, there was very little to remember about his performance.  He mugged, smirked, and stuck his nose in the air.  While many of us may have enjoyed his amusing entry into the fray, we should admit he is not presidential material.  Not even...(Read Full Post)