The outsider is going to need 60 votes too

The latest GOP polls show that the outsiders are doing quite well. From Trump to Carson to Fiorina, it pays to have something else on your resume. I don't recall a time when a rich businessman, a medical doctor, and CEO were 1-2-3 in one poll.

Trump and Carson lead the RCP national average. In Iowa, it's the same but one poll has them tied at 23%.

My concern is that people may overlooking an important part of governing. It does not matter whether you were a distinguished surgeon or successful businessman, you still need to get 60 votes in the U.S. Senate to move anything.

For example, Mr. Trump may find it very frustrating when senators do not react to his calls the same way that his hotel managers do today.    

Dr. Carson may find that brain surgery is a lot easier than looking for 6 Democrats to get you to 60.

To be fair, previous presidents, like Reagan and LBJ, were able to bring the other party over and pass stuff on a bipartisan basis. However, there were a lot more moderates back then, or people who you could count on to put the country over party.

I'm reminded of Democrats like the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen who voted for President Reagan's 1981 economic package. It had significant bipartisan support.  

Perhaps I'm wrong and the outsiders will bring us together. I certainly hope so. We need that kind of leadership.   

I repeat: I  hope that Mr. Trump's supporters, and Dr. Carson's too, understand that it takes 60 votes to get anything done.

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