Hillary Clinton's Unmarked Classified Emails

Hillary Clinton’s defense that the emails she received were not “marked” as classified is great news for anyone accused of any crime with email evidence.

For example, Jared Fogle of Indianapolis may reopen his child porn case, and defend himself by saying he didn’t know the photos he received via email were child porn since they were not marked as “child porn.” 

The IRS may have to adopt different enforcement policies, since they could no longer use anything not marked as “taxable income” as income.  The IRS should soon come out with new regulations backing up this idea.  Those paid by cash or who work as independent contractors would no longer have to declare any of this as taxable income, since it is not “marked” as taxable income.  How were they to know?

Those who violate the 1996 Immigration Act and hire illegal immigrants can defend themselves by saying that the illegal immigrants’ job applications did not mark them as “illegal” or “undocumented” immigrants.

Politicians, particularly Democrats, will now be able to defend themselves by stating that the cash they received in exchange for a political favor is not a bribe since it was not “marked” as a bribe. 

The wealthy who transfer their wealth to the Cayman Islands can state that their wire transfers were not marked as “tax evading deposits.”  

Drug dealers can freely make huge cash deposits to bank accounts, and defend themselves by stating that their deposits cannot be prosecuted as money laundering since they were not marked as “laundered money.”

Following the example of Hillary Clinton Americans can engage in all sorts of behavior previously listed as illegal or in violation of rules and regulations.  

Then again, Democrats are above the law.   So no one but Bill and Hillary can use the “marked” excuse.   Ordinary citizens cannot avoid prosecution by stating their actions were not marked, since these people are not marked as being able to use the not-marked excuse. Hillary supporters can consider themselves as “marked” to accept the “not-marked” excuse.

In fact, in the future Democrats may come up with a new theory of politics.  They will no longer categorize people as either “haves” or “have-nots” but as “marked” or “not marked.”  This will be very useful to them, as they continue to allow illegal behavior that enables others to violate the Constitution and scoff at laws.  It is nothing but a new way for Democrats to continue to violate laws and the constitution in order to raise campaign money and stay in power.