The Bill Clinton-Raul Castro handshake is hard to watch

Former president Clinton and Cuban dictator Raúl Castro had a friendly handshake at the U.N.  To be fair, these handshakes are part of the phoniness of this U.N. week, when all of the world's leaders drop in for their big speeches.  Nevertheless, the Clinton-Castro love fest took many of us back to that day in 1996 when CNN reported this: Two small planes operated by a Cuban-American group were shot down by Cuban fighters over the waters north of Havana and the four people on board were missing, President Clinton and the U.S. Coast Guard said Saturday. Clinton said he had been briefed on "the shooting down Saturday in broad daylight of two American civilian airplanes by Cuban military aircraft." "I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms," Clinton told reporters in Seattle, Washington. The two planes with four people on board were twin-engine Cessna aircraft operated by the group "Brothers to the...(Read Full Post)