Ted Cruz fighting Vichy Republicans on Planned Parenthood

If it's a new day, then there must be another article in Politico about Republican efforts to politically assassinate Ted Cruz.  For everyone who thinks only Donald Trump (or the amnesty loving Ben Carson) is the only genuine outsider who has the credentials to fight the Washington, D.C. establishment, read about the one man who has actually been doing it.  Once again, Ted Cruz is trying to defund Planned Parenthood, and once again, Vichy Republicans are gearing up to frag Cruz's big tent: Ted Cruz says his hard-line strategy to defund Planned Parenthood and risk a government shutdown is about doing the “right thing” and following through on Republicans' vows to conservative voters. But many of his Republican colleagues say it’s really all about Cruz. Yes, it is really about Cruz.  It's about their hatred of him.  And if you think defunding the abortion mills is "hard line," perhaps you might prefer...(Read Full Post)