Remembering when the Catholic schools were closed in Cuba

Just read a story about a man known as Padre Gilberto, an American from Mississippi who is a priest in Cuba: The parishioners at La Merced church in Old Havana, one of Cuba’s most important shrines, know their bearded, soft-spoken priest as Padre Gilberto.  But his real name is Gilbert Walker. He’s from Gulfport, Miss. Walker, 56, has been a priest at La Merced for 12 years. He was the only American Catholic clergyman in Cuba when he arrived in 2003.  Today there are two others, but over the past half-century of strained relations between the United States and Cuba, no American priest has been a missionary on the island for as long as Walker. “I felt at home in Cuba from the first moment I arrived,” he said, speaking at the rectory where he lives behind the soaring 147-year-old church, set along narrow streets among crumbling apartment buildings.  “I can’t imagine myself any other place.” “Sure, life...(Read Full Post)